Past 17. March until 10. June 19

Zwischenspiel – Finneran / Zaumseil

Hundreds and thousands of identical and at the same time individual clay forms are juxtaposed with massive steel sculptures. In an additive process, Bean Finneran's simple, elementary forms made of the natural material clay construct sculptures that, despite their abstract forms, are reminiscent of real and organic things such as anemones, corals, haystacks or tufts of grass. The tone curves combine geometry with natural imperfection and follow natural growth patterns in the manufacturing process. As they »grow«, they have to be dismantled again for transport – piece by piece.

Andrea Zaumseil's steely metamorphoses create space for another reality in a similar way. Like fragments or relics of a world of unknown natural laws, they lie or stand there in all their heaviness and hardness. Line by line, monochrome drawings were created that set the paper in constant vibration over a length of more than two meters. Apparent excerpts arouse curiosity about what lies behind - waves in view of the sea. Both artists thus create spaces in their respective working methods. All parts of this still unexplored flora invite the viewer to explore them from near and far by wandering around.

Bean Finneran 1947: born in Cleveland, USA, lives in California. Massachusetts College of Art Boston, Museum School, Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Andrea Zaumseil1957: born in Überlingen, lives in Berlin. Studied German and history in Constance, studied sculpture in Stuttgart. Since 2003: Professorship for sculpture / focus on metal at the Kunsthochschule Halle.

Opening: Sunday, March 17, 11 a.m

Welcome: Wolfgang Riehle, Chairman

Introduction: Julia Berghoff, Interim Managing Director

A catalog has been published for the exhibition.

  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
Installation view Zwischenspiel – Finneran / Zaumseil
Courtesy Bean Finneran, DavisKlemmGallery and Andrea Zaumseil. Photo: Frank Kleinbach. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023.