Past 17. September until 5. November 17

Jana Schröder – Spontacts and Kinkrustations

Jana Schröder records the gestures of her hand in scriptural ›notes‹, sweeping registers, columns, lines, grids or finely rhythmic webs. Thereby she shows through the apparent seriality that each painting, each drawing draws on its own experience and is conceived as an individual indexical sign: directly on the canvas or on a sheet of paper, into which the used ink permeates, and from the initial blue to violet slowly fading to light ocher. Between grace and brittleness, fully aware of design and surrendered control, Jana Schröder misses these ephemeral traces of human presence and brings them back into a noticeably physical relationship to space and time.

  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
Ausstellungsansicht Jana Schröder – Spontacts and Kinkrustations. © Jana Schröder. Fotos: Frank Kleinbach.

Sunday, September 17, 11 a.m


Wolfgang Riehle, Chairman


Christian Malycha, Art Director

Jana Schröder

1983: born in Brilon, lives in Düsseldorf. 2005-2009: Düsseldorf Art Academy (Albert Oehlen class).

Selected solo exhibitions

2017: Kunstverein Reutlingen. 2016: T293, Rome. Natalia Hug, Cologne. 2015: Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles.

Selected group exhibitions

2017: Natalia Hug, Köln / Cologne.

2016: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.

2015: Federal Art Hall, Bonn. Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles. Yves Klein Archives, Paris.

2014: Wertheim, Cologne. House of Art, Solothurn. Palazzo Guaineri delle Cossere, Brescia.

2011: KIT, Dusseldorf.

2009: Wiensowski and Harbord, Berlin.