Past 4. March until 13. May 18

Tamina Amadyar – Big Blue Sky

TAMINA AMADYAR's color is there in extreme clarity, simple, immediate. It lies on the bare canvas. Radiantly light, almost floating, the colors transcend their materiality. Swinging out wide, they glisten into one another, lift, fade through or arch over one another. In positing and countering, riot and balance, between intimacy and intensity, the color alone carries the image.

Color and light unfold a sensuality that points beyond the pictures. But what brings Tamina Amadyar into the presence here? She paints from memory. And in her pictures - hidden in the color and at the same time revealed by it - places, inconspicuous everyday situations or entire landscapes actually appear as colorful moods, feelings and forebodings. A horizon of experience that makes Tamina Amadyar's painting an enormous resonant space.

  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
  • Kunstverein Reutlingen
Exhibition view Tamina Amadyar. Photos: Frank Kleinbach.

Sunday, March 4, 11 a.m

Wolfgang Riehle

Christian Malycha
Artistic Director



1989: Born in Kabul, has lived in Germany since 1994. 2008-2014: Düsseldorf Art Academy.

Since 2010 numerous international solo and group exhibitions, including: Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin. Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence. Color Vision, Berlin. Gallery of the city of Remscheid. Gallery Guido W. Baudach, Berlin. Gilmeier Rech, Berlin. Gold & Concrete, Cologne. Hooper Projects, Los Angeles. KIT, Dusseldorf. Kunsthaus Dortmund. Art House Essen. Kunstverein Heppenheim. Kunstverein Pfaffenhofen. Art Association Reutlingen. Ornis A Gallery, Amsterdam. Salon Dahlmann, Berlin. Schäfer Grafisk Værksted, Copenhagen. Sunday-S, Copenhagen. Tanya Leighton, Berlin.